R&D Innovation
R&D Innovation

Our R&D achievements the highest quality medicine and lower price to the consumer

We have been working since 2005

And for get Patented for antiperspirant

Sunsola Solution since 2005

Dermazad cream since 2005 wound cleanse the treatment of Burns, ulcers and wounds

Dermazad spray since 2005 for wound cleares & Skin Protection more over in euhavcive tissue penetialion.

Parazadgel 40 gm contains Heparin sodium.

Skinatraoint15 gm contains micronized Chloramphenicol & Collagenase (A) enzjmatic elebridement.

Zadema gel 20 gm contains Diethyl amine Salicylate&ouscivt as anti-inflammatory&|antioedema.

Fostino gel 15 gm contains ovntibiotic Fusidic acid in get form

Hopazad gel 20 gm containsunique Onion Extract produced by ZAD.

And also we  to improve description the physical properties of some products like  coal tar &Aescin

Our goals are making a new factory that will be on the highest degree of sterilization for the production of vials

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