Export Contacts
Export Contacts

We are an Egyptian company that specializes in the export of pharmaceutical and Cosmo-pharmaceutical products and food supplements.
Zad Industrial Pharma is a factory specialized in the field of formulating and producing pharmaceutical preparations, including solids, semi-solids, and solutions.
Over 5500 m2 of the factory is located at the Suez industrial zone No. 131, Suez, Egypt.
This strategic location provides the advantage of being able to import and export chemicals used in the production processes as well as fasten delivery of finished products to our customers in and out of Egypt.
This business is looking for partners in the Middle East, Gulf countries, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Exporting : A Journey to Success

With regard to exporting , Zad Pharma is highly interested to gain access to new markets and customers. This can help to increase our customer base and expand our reach. Exporting helps to increase Zad brand awareness and recognition, as we are capable of introducing our brands to new markets.This includes researching the markets we are exporting to, ensuring that  products meet the standards of those markets, and having the resources to manage the export process. 

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