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ZAD Industrial Parma is a factory specialized in the field of formulating and producing pharmaceutical preparations, including solids, semi-solids, and solutions.

The ZAD Industrial Pharma factory is located at the Suez Industrial Zone No. 131, Suez, Egypt. over an area of 5,500 m2.


This strategic location provides the advantage of being able to import and export chemicals used in the production processes as well as fast delivery of finished products to our customers in and out of Egypt.

ZAD Industrial Pharma is supported by our professional R&D team and other research institutes. We have a QC lab equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality pharmaceutical preparation production.We have a complete quality system; production and management are carried out according to cGMP.

ZAD Industrial Pharma is paying great attention to quality because we know that "quality is the life of enterprise."


We adopt advanced equipment, high-quality analysis apparatus, SOPs, and a strict quality control system to assure that each batch of our product is qualified. The factory implements a comprehensive quality system, with production and management adhering to GMP management. The quality and test instruments are according to the enterprise standard, which is higher than the statutory standard.

ZAD Industrial Pharma QC Lab. is equipped with advanced devices to ensure the best quality production of pharmaceutical preparations. We also have consulting services from different pharmaceutical university analysis centers in Cairo.

ZAD Industrial Pharma uses the latest advanced technology, advanced production, and analysis equipment to assure good quality for our products, sincere service, and high responsibility for every customer's mission and goals. With an active and proactive approach, we are working together to seek opportunities and create values for customers, investors, and staff. We are independently committed to providing our respectable customers with quality products in the pan-chemicals industry.

to be a long-term reliable supplier of pharmaceutical preparations.


We will become a strategic partner to a global leading manufacturer through synchronization. We will keep searching for solutions and new drugs to conquer diseases and seek patient comfort.




Achieving Health and Wellness

Zad Pharma's  mission is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative products that improve the life of customers.


Achieving Manufacturing Excellence in Pharmaceuticals , cosmetics and food supplements Zad Pharma strives to be a leader in innovation, focuses on developing and implementing effective business strategies,And providing quality products & services to ensure customer satisfaction.

ZAD Industrial Pharma aims to have the largest market share & to become one of the top 10 local pharmaceutical companies in Egypt by 2028.



Keeping patients at the center of everything we do

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